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We are local and global.

The “Members” of NAI Global are our local firms who have chosen, and been chosen in kind, to be a part of the global entity that comprises our robust and client-oriented organization. Each Member is independently owned while tied inherently and financially to the NAI Global brand, values, technology, and tools. Together, we are the world’s largest, most powerful managed network of commercial real estate companies with 6,700 professionals in 375 offices worldwide. We adhere to a common set of best practices, code of ethics, and standards that assure our clients consistency in service delivery.

Take the lead in the growth of your firm, your life and your career. Contact our team to discuss your interest in NAI Membership:

United States and Canada

Jay Olshonsky
+1 212 405 2500

Simon Hartzell
+1 609 945 4047

Outside the US: EMEA, Asia, Latin America, The Caribbean and Mexico

Mauro Keller Sarmiento
+54 11 432 4305

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For more information about becoming an NAI Member in other international markets, contact the appropriate NAI representative listed above.